A Full Makeover for the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Vehicle

When you see the first add for the 2018 Lincoln Navigator you will be completely hooked. Not only because of the famous actor who is portrayed as a luxury but laid back businessman in it, but because of the amount to changes and the level of luxury they are trying to impose on us. It is probably the best update that Lincoln could have given to its Navigator and the vehicle makes probably the best kind of a transition it could make into a completely new model.

The old Navigator is a thing of the past now, and the luxury full-size SUV segment has another contender in it. Thanks to the given updates which include the better performance thanks to a new engine, an upscale exterior design and a classic but premium interior, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is immediately launched to the top of the segment.


Ford is basing the Navigator on the recently updated Expedition model. The part which is interesting the most is the high-strength steel structure that they are going to use here. It makes the vehicle much more reliable and also enables it to have better safety and an updated performance. The 2018 Lincoln Navigator was first shown at the New York Auto Show and after the released pictures we have prepared a review which will help you find out the release date and also get a better look at the vehicles potential.

When is the Release Date of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Expected?

After the news of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator broke out, it was immediately asked “When will the release date come?” Although that question is still not completely answered, we are looking forward to seeing this car by the end of the year. This means that we are probably looking at a release date which will be featured come the third or final quarter of 2017.

What is the Price of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator?

We are certain that the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is going to enhance the price for its newest car. We still do not have the information by too much. Based on the current price, where the Select trim with a regular wheelbase is priced at $63,515 while the Reserve is valued at $71,580, the 2018 version will probably get an increase which would see the base come up to $70,000 while the upper trim may go all the way to $80,000.


An Enormous Departure Design Wise

As far as the exterior of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator goes, it has taken a completely different way. They have truly given their best and have redesigned the car in a much better way. The vehicle is based on the Continental model and adds such elements as new headlights, lighter wheels and chrome additions which are going to primp up the car in a massive way.

The front end has an authoritative design which immediately states what the car is all about. The sharper body lines are all about style and help the new car have more character to its design. The grille is the same one transferred from the Continental one and this version of the Navigator updates with different headlights with various LED additions.

The rear end of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is also tastefully redesigned. The highlights are the return of the wrap around taillights which the model had previously and also the big block lettering placed on the tailgate. The always present trailer hitch is also added here and is well hidden with a removable panel. The vehicle rides on some 22-inch Turbine wheels and are painted in black color.


Inside Updates and Restyling

The updated 2018 Lincoln Navigator comes with an interior which is based on the one seen in the Continental model. But it is not completely transferred, it just gives a real refresher which makes the new interior of the Navigator as something we have never seen so far within an SUV. The interior adds real wood, plush materials and metal accents. The dash has been redesigned in a way that it is separated into sections, with the driver’s side being clearly cut. You will find digital gauges and a larger touchscreen on the driver’s side while there is a heads up display above. The center console feels as if has been separated a bit from the driver’s side and adds the push buttons and switches which have remained to the be used in the 2018 Lincoln Navigator.

The new 2018 Navigator can seat up to 7 people but you can reconfigure it to seat 8 by adding a second row bench. There is enough room for the passengers and the cargo area. It even offers enough space behind the third row of seats but you can expand if you put them down if you need to. The vehicle comes with a panoramic roof and the passengers in the back can also enjoy a 10-inch TV screens with various kinds of additional advanced amenities which come with it.


Drivetrain and Specs

Under the hood of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator we have a new addition made from ford, it is their newly developed 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6. It actually makes a lot of sense using this model and it is actually the second version of the engine which was used in the F-150 Raptor model from Ford. It will upgrade the car to 450 horsepower and to somewhere around 510 pound-feet of torque. The powertrain will also combine with a 10-speed automatic transmission, developed by Ford and GM.


Top Speed and 0-60 mph Specs

Although the official specs about the 2018 Lincoln Navigator have not been revealed yet, we do have some unofficial information about the acceleration and the speed. The time needed to reach 0-60 mph will be somewhere around 6.5 seconds, while the top speed will certainly be limited to 101 mph.

Is the Fuel Economy Improving?

It has not been confirmed if the fuel economy of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator will improve. As far as we known, they have not made any additional strives to make the car more fuel effective and are in fact keeping the consumption mostly the same. The new structure that the car uses may provide some help in reducing the weight but for now we are not sure how it will affect the fuel economy of the car. For reference, the previous model consumes 15 mpg city and 19 mpg highway.

Dimensions and Size

The newly developed 2018 Lincoln Navigator has not stressed any changes in the size. This does not mean that there aren’t any but if they are, they are not so grand. Basing the size of the car according to the pictures it is clear the new Navigator is more or less similar to the outgoing model and there are probably not going to be any bigger dimensional changes.


Safety Changes and New Additions

The new 2018 Lincoln Navigator will come with updated safety and be in parallel as the previous models are. The change for this one is that they are adding the usual kind of update that you can see in other Lincoln models. This is considered to be an advanced setup of safety features which the car is adding and making available but the crash scores will probably be only released in the future if they decide to do them. But consider the 2018 Lincoln Navigator as a much safer model.

Some Competing Vehicles

With the updates that the 2018 Lincoln Navigator has received, it will place it at the very top of the segment. Although it was featured somewhere in the middle before, the made changes are going to skyrocket it to a much higher positon. The models which have similar properties in the segment include the GMC Yukon Denali and the Cadillac Escalade.

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