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2018 Ford Ranger review

Judging by the old rumors and the newest leaks, there will be an all new 2018 Ford Ranger. It will not be something we are used to seeing. Do not expect anything similar to the fourth generation. That is not official, but the new Ranger is probably going to be a lot bigger than the previous models. All that, and more, was leaked by Ford’s designer on Reddit. Although that user has erased his account, the posts are there and it seems like nobody has flagged them so far.

The user himself didn’t have any reason to lie. His answers were compendious and precise; just like you would expect from someone who actually knows what he/or she is talking about.


History of This Model

The Ranger has changed a couple of purposes. The last one was a compact pickup truck which was sold in North America and in some parts of South America. There was a parallel production of the Ranger model meant for the international markets.

Although the production for the US markets was canceled in 2011, production for the international market never stopped. International model is called Ford Ranger T6, and that one is our main hope.

The main difference between the two models is its size. The T6 is a much bigger vehicle, much closer to the Ford F150. Back in 2011 company feared that the American market would flop because they already had the F-150 as their favorite.


2018 Ford Ranger Release Date and Price

The production of this vehicle is probably going to start during these first months of 2017 and it will be released in 2018. The price range is not determined because they just finished the development. You can expect it to go from $25,000 for the basic version to $55,000 or even $60,000 for the highest trim level and the strongest engine in the lineup.


2018 Ford Ranger Exterior Design

Everything the Reddit’s user had to say about 2018 Ford Ranger was that it is going to be a facelifted version of the newest T6 model.

Do not expect it to change a lot. Maybe you could expect some cosmetic changes around the headlights, taillights and the tailgate. Headlights are of course going to have a LED daytime running lights because there is no new vehicle without them.

The platform is going to be a body on frame, which means a little bit heavier vehicle but a much stronger design than the unibody. They will leave the unibody design to the future Honda models.

The body on frame is a heavier construction but a lot more flexible. The frame is the one that is holding all the bits and joints together and not the body. It is possible to change the body of the vehicle at will, which is not the case for the unibody architecture. That one has the engine and suspension directly attached to the body, which is good only for the weight.

All three cab versions are going to be present. The Regular Cab, Crew Cab, and Super Cab. The Crew Cab with 5-foot bed and the Super Cab with a 6-foot bed will be an extra paid options. Crew Cab versions are going to be marketed as family trucks and Super Cab trims are going to be marketed as a “work trucks”.

The 2018 Ford Ranger design is probably going to be an exact copy of the Ford Ranger T6 and a main competitor to the Colorado. The size is going to be far from the fourth generation Rangers. The reason for that is the market research. They simply cannot afford the new flop on the US market. The research has proven their thesis about the profitability of that kind of a project. It is simply not possible to sell any small, compact SUVs. Everyone wants those big trucks like F-150. That is why they will make the Ford Ranger closer to the size of F-150. Our concern is that they are in a great danger to eat the sales of their own vehicle…


Same Interior as on T6?

The one strange thing that was coming and going from all the forums are the cup holders. Americans need soda drinks in their vehicles, so they demand new cup holders. Strangely enough, the “mole” confirmed that speculation… Oh, the humanity…

The design of the global Ranger is slick and uncluttered. There are a console-mounted shifter and a 4WD switch. That central console is going to have the SYNC where you will find navigation, hands-free phone control, voice controls and a “birds eye” 360-degree camera system, just like in F-150.

Seats are going have a couple of trims. The lower variations are going to have cloth and (maybe) even vinyl all over. Of course, as you go higher on the trim levels, you will see wood, metal, and clean nice leather.


2018 Ford Ranger Engine Options

When asked about the engine, “traitor” (as one of the users called him) said that he doesn’t know anything for sure but he can speculate like anyone else. He said that there are some combinations that are being considered and that it is very hard to say anything about the possible MPG. But the obvious thing is that they are not going to make anything as thirsty as F-150. It will have better mileage, for sure, because that was one of the main flaws of the last generation.

The sportier version of the old Ranger SVT concept from the 90’s is also a possibility. Same goes for the autonomous driving, but he is certain about the parking and trailer assist options.

The most likely option will be a 3.2 liter inline five cylinder turbodiesel. If they can afford that kind of a risk, of course. That kind of an engine is already present in some of the vans, and it has 185 hp. The other option for Ford is to tweak the power stroke. That would be the Ranger’s premium offer…

The EcoBoost is something you can’t imagine Ford’s vehicle without. The 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6 is the most likely option.

The gasoline option will also be included. Something with four cylinders like 2.3 liter EcoBoost l-4. That could give the new Ranger some additional 280 ponies and some decent 310-pound feet of torque. All that power will be tamed by a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic.



The existence of the new 2018 Ford Ranger is no longer a secret. Especially after the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. Ford actually announced three new vehicles there: the new 2018 F-150, Ford Ranger, and Ford Bronco. And since it is official, somebody from the company decided to tell us something about the vehicle.

The things he had to say astonished us all. We understand Ford’s need to sell their vehicles as best as they can, but it is not logical to make a vehicle of a similar size and class as their currently most profitable model. Of course, we are talking about the F-150. Why would they make a competition for their own vehicle? Maybe they think that the US market demands some refreshment… That would be the most obvious reason…

The new 2018 Ranger is going to look a lot like the current Ranger T6, it will have the same size as the tenth generation of the Ford F-150 and it will have three Cab versions. That is all we know so far. One more quality vehicle is something that can’t hurt anyone, but do we actually need it?

We are curious about your opinion… Do we need another Ford Ranger, which is the same size as the F-150? Please leave your comment.

Image sources: www.carsoid.com

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