2018 Lincoln Town Car Release Date and Specs

2018 Lincoln Town Car is part of future cars by Lincoln that is actually a full-sized sedan vehicle. It will probably resemble some of the previous models but new 2018 Lincoln Town Car will come with new features and although the information is basically based on rumors, this new generation is still interesting to be discussed and reviewed. It is believed that 2018 Town Car is almost surely to be a brand new car with some of the shared style moments from the predecessor.

2018 Lincoln Town Car Release Date Announced

2018 Lincoln Town Car’s release date is not sure but rumors say that it will be available as a concept or on some leaked photos in the late 2017 or early 2018. The Lincoln company is probably working on this as we speak. However, no certain information were released by them. One thing is sure, 2018 Lincoln Town Car is one of the most expected models this year. This review will show what is the reason behind this.


2018 Lincoln Town Car Predicted Pricing

The price of 2018 Lincoln Town Car is not official but it is estimated ant closely connected to the price of $44,000. We believe that this will be the starting price for the 2018 Town Car. One of the reasons for this estimated price is the possible competitor model of Cadillac CTS 3.6 that has the starting price of $42,000. Whether this is true or not this price suggestion can give you a hint about features of the 2018 Lincoln Town Car.


Exterior and the Looks

The 2018 Lincoln Town Car exterior will come with a bit of stainless touch and that will help in making the vehicle look more elegant. 2018 Town Car will also have new look, shape and new materials from all sides. Headlights are brand new Brought lights and they can be enhanced with additional LED technology. Along with sturdier bumpers made from chromium and overall edgier look that will help the airflow, 2018 Lincoln Town Car is also made from lighter materials so that performances are top-notch. This sedan is maximized in every sense of the word so we have large entrance doors and large windows and the overall look is pretty appealing that way.


2018 Lincoln Town Car is a full sized elegant sedan with chromium details on the body and sizable wing that leaves the impression of not only a limousine rather than a sedan vehicle but also a highly desirable top quality machine that is up to any challenge.

Interior Details


2018 Lincoln Town Car will have maximum and top quality technology characteristics. The seats are premium leather and have cooling and heating system installed. It is spacious and attractive in the rear part of the cabin, allowing more storage space and it also has a central touch-display in the front part. Lincoln will have 2018 Town Car with automatic AC and the previously mentioned LED touch screen will have all kinds of modern functions. Other features include satellite navigation system, USB, Bluetooth, WI-FI, 4G, Cruise Control etc. One of the things that are worth mentioning are the new safety measures and additions that 2018 Town Car will also have.


Engine Specs and Performance

2018 Lincoln Town Car will come with only one engine type but it is always good not to overlook a possible redesign. Twin-Eco-Boost V6 engine with 2.7 liter of capacity is the only solution in Lincoln and they believe it will produce more than 350 HP. The engine will have 9-speed gear box.

The engine itself provides fuel efficiency so 2018 Lincoln Town Car can have better performance in general. Although we mentioned the car will be using only one type of engine, the rumors say, and we cannot exclude, that a possible 3.4 liter Eco- Boost with 6-speed gear box will also be available. Either way, the optimum speed is announced at 130 Mph and overall acceleration will be better.


Pros and Cons

2018 Lincoln Town Car and its specs is yet to be revealed. If we were to use what we have we would say that many of the features like enhanced safety measures, quality audio and special system of seat heating and cooling are just a tip of an iceberg and they make 2018 Lincoln Town Car a hot prospect. We also have a great fuel friendly engine that is powerful at the same time.


There is also a beautiful exterior that will make everybody turning their heads. Streamer line and chromium parts with larger wing, doors and windows are all just several details that we liked about 2018 Town Car. On the other hand, some would say that engine should come with several options, and that a price of $44,000 for a starting model can be a bit higher than usual. However, we must not forget that this sedan looks very luxurious and is top-notch when it comes to performance and technology.

Please, note pictures you can see here are not official and are just an idea of the possible future design of the car.

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